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The Miracle Thereafter

Tio (uncle) handed me his cell phone. Even in the darkness of the picture, I could see the carnage. A cow split in half on the dirt road with three mangled bodies laying in a semi-circle around it…

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The “Timeline” Conference

Our theme was “Timeline” so when the participants arrived they were welcomed with a walk through a few historical events, including Noah building the ark, the tower of Babel, where we tried unsuccessfully to build while speaking four different languages, and more…

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Answering the Call

One of the challenges any hospital faces is ensuring that someone is available to care for patients with emergencies at all hours. Hospital Loma de Luz is no different…

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You’re In A Tin Can

“Mu khurakikha, Wele aabumba likulu ni shibala. In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” I felt like I was also being created as well, afresh and anew with a Lumasaaba ear to hear the Word of God.

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All of a sudden, I am running a muscular mystery clinic and racking my brain wondering how these children have survived so long with so little help…

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