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There are not too many “Dermatology Emergencies,” but there are a couple of skin conditions that can certainly be very urgent. Unfortunately we have…

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Thanks and superstitions

In Latin America there are many superstitions about pregnancy and the newborn baby. Frequently the mother will…

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Friends and Visits

Elizabeth, who is a nurse practitioner at Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia, brought 2 baby mannequins to help in several hands-on resuscitation sessions on Maternity

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The “Butterfly” Camp for Children with Disabilities

This year’s camp for children with disabilities and their families had the theme of “Butterfly.” We had a butterfly lead our music times and a caterpillar who spent the week transforming into a beautiful butterfly. Twenty-eight families attended as well as a large number of volunteers. God richly blessed our week together!

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Walking alongside our patients

Charity was born to a first-time mom with HIV. Normally, that one statement is enough to make any healthcare provider pause with concern…

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