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Pure Joy

Today I had a feeling of pure joy. Sometimes it feels like God is reaching down and giving you a blessing…

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Man vs. bull

As the commotion erupted from the emergency entrance of the hospital, I made my way over to the ER to see what we were getting. The middle aged gentleman was obviously in a lot of pain, writhing on the stretcher…

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God is at work here!

I was encouraged by the fact that the father of the child kept reassuring his wife that their child was in good hands now because “Dios obra aqui”, God is at work here.

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A family doc in the O.R.

There have been a few incidents in our area that are good reminders that we are still in a wild place and need to keep our wits about us. Although we feel safe, we definitely appreciate prayers of protection…

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Too young to die…

…remember this: It’s very cool to be an interesting person. It’s not cool, however, to be an interesting medical case…

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If they could only see

I wanted so much, after arriving, to take pictures of the surroundings to help my American friends understand, or grasp, the wide discrepancy between what we have and what most of the rest of the world has. Yet, I simply could not…

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