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Carrie Moss


Mission: God has called me to Lutsk, Ukraine to use the practical assistance of physical therapy as a means of entering the lives of people with disabilities and their families in order to demonstrate and ultimately share the Gospel with them. I will join a team of nationals who currently minister to people with disabilities in their region, but have a vision to see a similar ministry begin in churches throughout Ukraine. As part of this vision, we desire to open a physical therapy training program for volunteers from churches throughout Ukraine who are seeking to serve and share the Gospel with people with disabilities in their communities.

Donations can be sent by mail to: Christian Health Service Corps PO Box 132 Fruitvale, TX 75127

PT Training in the Ukraine

CHSC missionaries regularly train their colleagues. Carrie Moss, PT, shares how eight students from six different cities in Ukraine attended her most recent classes.

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So much to be thankful for!

God has been good to us in many ways over the past month and more! We enjoyed a few days off after camps before resuming work at the Agape Rehabilitation Complex and it has been non-stop ever since.

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The “Butterfly” Camp for Children with Disabilities

This year’s camp for children with disabilities and their families had the theme of “Butterfly.” We had a butterfly lead our music times and a caterpillar who spent the week transforming into a beautiful butterfly. Twenty-eight families attended as well as a large number of volunteers. God richly blessed our week together!

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The “Timeline” Conference

Our theme was “Timeline” so when the participants arrived they were welcomed with a walk through a few historical events, including Noah building the ark, the tower of Babel, where we tried unsuccessfully to build while speaking four different languages, and more…

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Comings and goings

We have seen God’s faithfulness to us in so many ways and we pray for His continued provision in our lives and the lives of our patients…

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Ukraine – The countdown is on…

The countdown is on… The official opening of the Agape Rehabilitation Complex is in 5 days!! Construction and cleaning continue this week and we are excited as we anticipate the events of this weekend.  On Saturday, we celebrate the official opening with foreign donors, local officials, friends with disabilities, and

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