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Dr. Daniel and Dr. Priscilla Cummings


Mission: Kalukembe Hospital is a 300-bed, 100-year-old district hospital established by Swiss missionaries and now run by a national denomination, IESA. It has been over 20 years without a full-time physician, with nurses managing the many aspects of patient care. Daniel (emergency medicine) and Priscila (OBGYN) are returning to serve the people of this rural area. They worked briefly there before (2012-2013); and they are looking forward to renewing relationships and beginning new ones on the wards and in the nursing, laboratory-technician and Bible schools.

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Thanks together

Like looking at rays of light and tracing them to their sources, we are thankful for our Maker who made an incredibly beautiful world. We want to share a few rays of light with you…

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Namibe and other happenings

Dear friends and family: Thank you for your continued interest and patience in spite of our slow communications! Since our last writing, we keep caring for our patients in the best our often selfish and limited abilities allow. It’s crazy how often self-righteousness creeps in and interferes with what ought

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Boa Entrada

Happy New Year! We’ve enjoyed wet and warm weather here in Kalukembe, in its midst of rainy season. 2016 will not be remembered as lacking excitement or strenuous times, both on the global stage and in our personal lives. It’s wonderful knowing you are genuine partners in our efforts here.

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Continuing to learn

One of our desires in working here at Kalukembe hospital is to assist with ongoing learning opportunities for the staff…

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Returning to Angola

Can’t ever say I am fully ready and prepared for the type of work we do, but we are refreshed in spirit…

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Angola – Doing so Much with so Little

The is the story of “J” and his brother. They came to Kalukembe back in March, having each been bitten by a puff adder in their legs the week before. After a failed round of traditional medicines, their limbs were in bad shape.

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