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An “unremarkable” server

Joe and I had the unusual pleasure of a real date tonight.

A.  Real.  Date.

One where I put on my favorite jeans, a cute new shirt, earrings, heels and even reapplied my make up. And it was spontaneous.  And we left the house…alone….yes, kid free…After 9pm at night.

This alone is deserving of a blog post.

We had a wonderful time. We were dressed for the occasion, the atmosphere was romantic, the food amazing, the conversation meaningful, and our server…unremarkable. Joe made this observation while we were headed home and still discussing if our tip had been adequate.  He stated that she had been unremarkable and thus more deserving of a larger tip. And I  certainly agreed.  Our overall experience had been enhanced because she had done her job very well, but with out drawing any attention to herself.  In fact, had it not been for this very conversation,  she would have been a detail that slipped thoughtlessly from our mind.  I have had some meals out where a gregarious and engaging server had been the key element that “made” the experience.  Tonight, however, the opposite was true.

And while lying in bed,  I started thinking about other situations  in which being “unremarkable” is a truly good thing.   I started to think about this in light of the ministry, my life in particular and the Believer’s life in general.

How often does God call me to be “unremarkable”?   And does my drive to “be a success” often get in the way of that?   Does God sometimes require me to be in the background so that He can receive the glory?

Because the server was unremarkable, we will remember the amazing food and conversation that we shared, not the one who served it.  Is that what God is wanting of me?  Is he wanting me to worry a little less about how memorable I am and focus more on “serving” what He has to offer. At the end of my life, isn’t it more important that people remember the way that God has worked and not my acts of service or how I looked performing them?

I believe the answer to all of these question is a resounding “Yes.”

This is comforting to me.

Because, sometimes, at the end of the day we are all left feeling “unremarkable”.  And in this success driven, make-a-name-for-yourself-world it’s easy to forget that maybe this is exactly where we are suppose to be.   Maybe being “unremarkable” is just what your loving Heavenly Father has called you to…at least for now.  Because “unremarkable” has it’s place in the Kingdom work as well.  Just like our sweet unremarkable server had her perfect place of service at our table tonight.


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